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Pre-production – it’s the overlooked stepchild of video production. But the most important element of a well-produced video. Strategic planning before you shoot is key to hitting your target audience squarely and driving sales through the funnel.  Our creative directors will assess your competition, your brand goals, and your budget, and deliver a concept, a script, and a storyboard that will ensure that your video is successful. Never underestimate the power of a solid script – it will save you time and money – and help you make the most of your production dollar. Maxime Photo and Video’s script writers can take a dreary factory with 20 points of production to cover and turn it into a tear-jerking tale of award-winning emotional content. And that’s the kind of project that wins you the praise you deserve, the raise you’ve been hoping for, and a paid Caribbean vacation.




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I can not praise the people at Maxime's enough. I needed a corporate video for investors for my company. Tracy and her staff put together a wonderful piece for us. My investors loved it. I highly recommend Maxime's for all of your photo and video needs.

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