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Photos from two corporate event photographer jobs

Conference Photography & Corporate Event Photography

Corporate Photography is one of our areas of expertise because we know first impressions count.

We have the skill set to put subjects at ease and make your CEO, newest partners, or board members look relaxed, confident and professional.

Go with a classic look to portray an image of expert professionalism or take an unconventional approach to show you are cut from a different cloth. If the photo you’re using on your LinkedIn or Company website looks like it belongs on a Facebook page, it might be time to call our corporate photography team.

Headshots & Portraits




Corporate Event Photography Tips

In addition to capturing the essence of your corporate event photojournalistically, we can set up a separate area for your employee portraits, while everyone is in one spot.  If you already have a portrait style going on, send us a sample.  We can set up a backdrop, and bring in lights to match your other photos and add your new team mates seamlessly.  Or we can start from scratch and create a new fun style for your website and other promotional materials.

  • Shoot with a shallow depth of field
  • Shoot “through” people or lighting
  • Capture the mood
  • Find interesting angles for design
  • Shoot some dirty frames to make it feel real
  • Shoot design details of the space with a shallow depth of field
  • Capture the graphic design language of the architecture
  • Keep it natural (don’t look for posed shots)
  • Capture the excitement of the crowd interacting in the space
  • Focus on the people that look the most hip
  • Keep it fun

We shot the 2018 Adidas annual corporate sales and marketing conference in Miami a few months back.  Their style defines “hip.”  The above is a combo of their shot list sprinkled with a few of our own secrets.


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