Sound Design

Miami Sound Design Company

Not sure where to turn for film sound or music creation? Look no further – Maxime Photo and Video’s sound design team has got you covered with our full-service recording and mixing studio. From emotional or atmospheric scores for narrative projects, to industrial soundtracks for promotional purposes, we’ve got the talent and equipment to make audio magic happen.


Take advantage of our very own professional songwriter-musician with decades of experience, vintage and contemporary analog hardware for recording, and state-of-the-art digital editing software – we’ll compose and produce the perfect sound for any project.

Sound Design Services


We have a great mixing space – expertly designed to reproduce recorded sounds accurately and provide the cleanest mix possible. We’ve also been mixing narrative and documentary film since 2000, and advertising and audio-only podcasts, too.  

Audio Repair:

Got bad audio? We can fix that! We have the latest noise reduction and restoration tools to clean up ugly audio problems – getting them to the prettiest, cleanest state possible. We are also prepared to perform Automated Dialogue Replacement and Foley sound effects work to create a fully realized soundscape for any project needing audio.


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