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Video editing – we don’t have to have shot the footage to make it magical – we can take your random footage and turn it into a compelling, widget-moving story. Our professional video editors have powerful multimedia storytelling skills, and will attack your project efficiently, methodically and with a keen eye for detail. No matter where the footage leads, they have the smarts to troubleshoot challenges – and the latest, top technology – to get the project where it needs to go.

Count on your team at Maxime Photo and Video to coordinate workflow with your team, and provide updates and progress reports as needed. So whether we’re in it from the beginning, or you’re handing us a box of clutter, we’ve got the video editing chops to polish your project to a high shine, and ensure that your narrative flows from beginning to the end.


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 by Alphaville1984 on Maxime Photo and Video

As an international operating advertising agency from Germany, we have been working with Maxime on a video that will be part of an international virtual congress for one of the leading pharmaceutical companies in skin care. We were absolutely happy with the result! The whole team was highly motivated, very flexible and creative and delivered fantastic video and audio quality!

 by Nick Reyes on Maxime Photo and Video
Review by Nick Reyes

Tracy knows what she is doing. She can help take your idea and expand on it. She listens and knows how to visualize what you need manifested.

 by Olga Sternik on Maxime Photo and Video
Review by Olga Sternik

I invited Tracy to record the flight tests our startup was doing in Florida. Working with her was a joy. From the beginning, she was responsive and enthusiastic, and helped a lot not only with the recording itself, but before and after the tests: they advised on the tech preparations, assisted with finding hardware we needed, brought some extra items with them (on the top of their cameras and microphones), and afterwards assisted our technicians with the necessary software. They are as professional as you can dream of, but what's more important, they are as client-oriented and personally caring as you can't hope in your best dreams.

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