Visual Effects

Miami Visual Effects Company

Take your video  above and beyond the conventional limitations of video production — with top quality visual effects (VFX) by the best video production team in Miami, Maxime Photo and Video. We’re fluent in rotoscoping and compositing.  Let us put our talents in modeling, computer generated imagery (CGI), digital matte paintings and animation to bring your vision to life and bend reality to your liking.

Visual Effects Services

Our VFX team members are masters of some of the industry’s best, cutting-edge technologies including:

  • 3ds Max
  • Maya
  • Cinema 4D
  • Inferno
  • Flame
  • After Effects

While most VFX are added in post-production, the process for adding visual effects begins long before shooting starts. Our visual effects team collaborates with other key creative personnel to help strategize on which techniques will produce the best results.

 Each effect is then carefully coordinated and planned for by the project director, creative director, and cinematographers before shooting begins. The real magic happens in post-production where our top  team of VFX alchemists bend and shape reality to your liking.

We would say the sky’s the limit, but that would be selling ourselves – and your video production’s potential – short. Let’s make video magic together!


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(305) 300-5065

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