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Brand videos are great for business, technology, energy and finance industries – if they’re done right. Ours are. Creating award-winning multimedia like ours takes much more than saying, “I want to make a video.” Your branding video must convey the concept that best aligns with your business goals. And if it’s not interesting or entertaining – it won’t be convincing. The trick is knowing when and where to spice up the narrative. That’s why the Maxime brand video production team will think, write, and edit conceptually to effectively deliver your message.
We begin with a clear vision and take aim at your target. Through careful story-telling, varying styles and tones, and subtle messaging, our content strategists conceptually handcraft the compelling visual media stories you need to tell with content that hits the bull’s-eye, every time. Trust us to expertly execute branded video content that drives sales through the funnel for your business. You’ll be glad you did.

Creation Process

Develop. We research your company, your competitors, and your target audience to create a concept for your project.  After identifying your goals, we brainstorm ideas, content and messaging options within your budget.

Produce.  Once we know your goals and budget, we assemble our video production crew with the skills and tools needed to make it all happen – in the most efficient and cost effective way.

Polish.  During post-production, we incorporate your feedback into the final product to ensure that your video exceeds your expectations.  We make sure that the creation process is a collaborative and enjoyable experience.


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