Corporate Event Video Production

Portrait of a company at a corporate event in Miami featuring our video production services.

Meetings & Event Video Production

Need to document an important critical corporate event or essential meeting? Maxime Photo and Video’s dedicated team will capture the best moments, all the important speeches, candid moments, and anything else you need to preserve and share, with the best Meeting and Event video production.

Then we’ll turn it into an exciting, properly-paced, riveting reminder that is informative, engaging and almost as good as being there.

Corporate Event

Video Tips

  • Shoot with a shallow depth of field
  • Shoot “through” people or lighting
  • Capture the mood
  • Find interesting angles for design
  • Shoot some dirty frames to make it feel real
  • Shoot design details of the space with a shallow depth of field
  • Capture the graphic design language of the architecture
  • Keep it natural (not looking for posed or static scenes)
  • Capture the excitement of the crowd interacting in the space
  • Focus on the people that look the most hip
  • Use young background music (DJ-esque)
  • Keep it fun

We shot the 2018 Adidas annual corporate sales and marketing conference in Miami a few months back.  Their style defines “hip.”  The above is a combo of their shot list sprinkled with a few of our own secrets.


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