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Social media videos – they’re a must have. If you’re not tapping into the power of social media marketing, you’re missing out on a massive marketing opportunity. Over 60% of Americans rely on social media as their primary source of news and information, and over 70% of the world’s largest brands are now using Instagram as a marketing channel to reach their target audiences. That’s why social media video is the most powerful tool available today. But for a campaign to be effective, creative content and proper timing is critical. Whether it’s a 7-second looping story or a 30-second time-lapse to show off your product’s versatility on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google+, or YouTube, Maxime Photo and Video has got you covered.
Of all the video advertising companies you consider, Maxime’s is the one to show you how to create the most effective blend of platform and tailored messaging to build your market share. And our expertise in internet video production, social media video production, and cutting-edge animation will ensure that your social media videos are not just attention grabbing, but share-worthy too. Call us and let’s get you tapped into – and liked by – more than 1.8 billion users of social media on the worldwide web.

Creation Process

Develop. We research your company, your competitors, and your target audience to create a concept for your project.  After identifying your goals, we brainstorm ideas, content and messaging options within your budget.

Produce.  Once we know your goals and budget, we assemble our video production crew with the skills and tools needed to make it all happen – in the most efficient and cost effective way.

Polish.  During post-production, we incorporate your feedback into the final product to ensure that your video exceeds your expectations.  We make sure that the creation process is a collaborative and enjoyable experience.


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by Cara West-Wainwright on Maxime Photo and Video

Tracy is an absolute professional! The head shots were honestly the best pictures I have ever seen from a session like this! I would absolutely recommend Tracy for any photography needs you may have.

by Caught on the Fly on Maxime Photo and Video

Working with Tracey and team on our Collins Bus "Made in America" video was awesome and 'Best in Class'. I had an idea what I wanted to do...and they made it happen. I provided the baking pan and they provided the flour, salt, baking soda, etc., the proper mixture, oven temp, icing and decorations for a great video.

I've worked on commercials with large budgets years ago and this was so much better at a fraction of the cost. She is a the Georgia O'Keeffe of today when doing a video production.

by Dana Fugate on Maxime Photo and Video

We recently held a customer event in Miami and wanted to record the event and record customer interviews on video, plus have high quality event photos we could use for future marketing and promotion. We needed a Miami corporate video production team that not only had production chops but offered good client services since our team wouldn’t be arriving from out of town until the day before the shoot. Maxime Photo and Video was just the ticket. For a very reasonable rate, Tracy Niedermeyer (Maxime owner) provided a 2-camera video shoot with top-notch crew (not wedding videographers – our Director of Photography usually shoots for National Geographic and the Discovery Channel) and she was our still photographer. Tracy knows Miami, knows both video production and still photography, and is fun and easy to work with. I’d recommend her to any business needing high quality production services!

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