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Sure, capturing the right moments on video is critical, but what you do with that footage afterward matters even more. Our video producers, top editors, and wedding videographers at Maxime Photo and Video will build the story of your wedding day into a video that’s engaging, exciting, and unique to you. That your friends will watch start to finish – and then ask to see it again!

Our professional, creative wedding cinematographers will ensure that you’re moved, surprised and delighted by your wedding video. And at a price you can afford. Whether you want just the highlights of your special day, or every single moment documented, at Maxime Photo and Video we have just the team of wedding videographers to produce an extraordinary story – your story!



Creation Process

Our wedding videographers work in teams of two.  We don’t leave the important moments to chance, especially not at your wedding.  Always two peeps.  You never know when a battery will run dead, or something small can make an important moment missed.  That’s why we believe in going into weddings with back-up.  Two peeps.  More footage to choose from, more angles to cut in between, and different perspectives.  No re-do’s here.

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