Do you want to know the 10 reasons you should outsource your video editing?

Professional video editing is a craft that demands high attention to detail as well as plenty of patience. If you do not enjoy scrubbing and trimming through hours of footage, editing can be an overwhelming task. Moreover, if you are a small business or production house, owning the adequate equipment and hiring editors as employees can cost you an arm and a leg.

Luckily, one solution that is affordable and will not risk the quality of your videos is outsourcing video editing services to other experts.

10 Reasons You Should Outsource Video Editing

Here are ten reasons you should seriously consider outsourcing your video editing:

1. Experienced Professional Video Editors

Small businesses that wish to make video content to promote their services and products normally do not have the vital skills to effectively create these in house. Professional video editors have an extensive amount of experience and knowledge in crafting videos that attract viewers and increase customer engagement. Moreover, they will have access to other expert resources you may not even heard about. Perhaps your footage is missing an essential element and you need some compelling stock footage to fill a gap, or your video could really benefit from having fascinating sound effects. Outsourced video editors will own these types of resources and have them readily available to implement on your projects.

2. Quick Results

Qualified video editors have the expertise, equipment and competence to complete a project promptly and effectively. They will generally have a quick turnaround time, meaning you can start publishing your video content sooner rather than later. They are used to tight deadlines and understand the importance of delivering assets on time. 

3. Professional Video Editing Equipment

Companies that decide to edit their video footage in house will often purchase low-cost equipment and video editing software that eventually will not yield the best results. When you outsource video editing, you are working with professionals who own the latest upgrades and tools to complete the job effectively. Even tasks like rendering and exporting can take several hours when you do not have the right hardware. 

4. All-in-one Editing Service

Many individuals that lack experience in video editing will consider it to be the process of cutting and trimming footage into a specific length and order. However, there is a lot more that goes into it. A professional video editor will provide an all-in-one service including sound mixing, adding visual effects, color correction and motion graphics when required.

5. No Commitment

When you choose to outsource your video editing, you are allowing yourself full flexibility on the services you expect. There is no need to make any long-term commitment, if you only want one video edited then you can hire them for just that. If you wish to boost the frequency at which you craft and publish videos online, you can scale up the amount of work you choose to do with a seasoned video editor.

6. No Up-front Investment

If you’re determined to edit videos in house, there will be a costly up-front investment, including equipment, software and training. As video editing is a field that is always evolving and shifting, your tools can become outdated quickly and with little warning. When you choose to outsource video editing tasks to a professional, they are the ones responsible for all maintenance and upgrades. 

7. A New Perspective

Even though you have your own ideas and vision for your marketing videos, it can be extremely fruitful to have another point of view give their input. Professional video editors will have produced thousands of projects over the years and will have a refined palette with unique and fresh suggestions that may have never crossed your mind. They will have a completely unbiased analysis of your footage and branding, whereas an in-house team might have their own preset opinions on how things should be.

8. Effective Storytelling

Sometimes it can be complex to effectively tell a story using images and footage, and an inexperienced video editor often will not have the expertise to craft a visual plot in the most compelling way. Often you find yourself in a situation where you have some footage that is low quality, and you might think it is useless and avoid using it completely. Professional video editors can often transform these images into a coherent and engaging video, a skill that amateurs will not likely have.

9. No Ongoing Maintenance Costs

One of the biggest drawbacks to completing video editing work in house is the initial cost of purchasing the relevant equipment and software. However, even once this is done there is still the constant worry of something breaking down. If the equipment fails, you will have those original costs all over again. When outsourcing to a professional video editor, they are the ones responsible for any technical malfunction. 

10. Build Long Term Relationships

One of the best things about working with a video editor on an outsourced basis, is that you can build long-term client relationships, and they will feel like part of your team. They will always be ready for the next project and know your workflow and timeframes. And who knows, maybe it will even develop into a lifetime friendship. 

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