1. Choose an engaging director. This is the most important piece to great storytelling. This video is all about pulling everything from your subject. The subject has to feel comfortable. A good director will coach them to say, “hey that looks great or I think we can do better…let’s try this.” Once the subject feels engaged, or a part off the team, that’s when your story will shine.
  2. Choose the best DP you can get your hands on. When you’re entire story is one person talking, you need to make sure the camera work keeps the viewer engaged. You want your viewer to wonder, “what’s next?”
  3. Choose an interesting subject as the focus of your story. If your subject is not that engaging, then your director and DP can pick up the slack.
  4. Styling. Usually companies have to be profitable before they’ll have the funds to add a stylist to the team. Their importance is often overlooked until they see the benefits on location. A stylist brings in all of the branding! The color palette, the product, makeup and wardrobe.
  5. Pre-production. I like our productions to be tight. I like everyone to know what they’re going to accomplish on set before they arrive. All of the equipment and props are packed up the night before, with labels. Pre production is where all of the organizing takes place.
  6. Art direction. The art director designs the look and feel of the project from the get go with the client. Our art director is responsible for all of our best work. A great art director is the hidden golden goose, behind the scenes. In our team, Grant is responsible for our clever “walk through” video idea. Check online for other walk throughs. You’ll never find a more engaging and creative idea than our Cultivation Walk Through video.
  7. Get the whole crew excited about the project. The client, the video production team and the subjects. Everybody should be in it to win it!