We created animated product videos that sell on Shopify and Amazon that increased sales by 217% in 14 days.

Our client patented a new technology in towels, by infusing charcoal yarn into a soft sweat towel.  The charcoal gets activated by heat, every time it lies in the sun or comes out of the dryer, thus cleaning your skin while you sweat.

Our client’s goal was to get the word out on their innovation in towels –  to own the sweat towel market as quickly as possible.

My first thought was, “how does this work?”  Then, “how can we best explain this complicated process in 30 seconds of animation?”

Our client worked for Nabisco and Coors, branding and marketing new products.  After working on the Coors account for several years, he told me this story.

“Coors has a beautiful process of manufacturing beer.  They use elegant ingredients, mystical water, and a complicated process that is nothing shy of a labor of love.  But, to get customers to try the beer – they only had to focus on why the beer is different.” 

A big “aha” moment for me, I was getting bogged down in the details.  We don’t need to explain how this charcoal technology works.  We only need to show there is charcoal in the towel!  

As soon as I heard that story, I knew he was right.   The animated product videos went live on Amazon, Facebook, and Instagram.  In the first two weeks, sales increased 217%!

He told me that prior to our animated video, no one understood what a charcoal infused towel was.  Afterward, everyone said, “Oh, I get it now.”  Our animation techniques not only solved the problem, but was informative and fun.

Our team will always ask tough questions.  We want to ensure you are spending your money in the most responsible way to drive sales.  But we are also good listeners.  In this case, it was good to be reminded of marketing basics.

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