The Hook.

This award winning commercial video production is still getting views, 14 years later.  Why?  For starters, it has a recognizable narrative.  Before you get into the visuals, your hooked by the distinctive voice of Paul Harvey leading you down memory lane.  Then come the relatable – sometimes sad – images of real farmers.  But this commercial isn’t depressing. It’s artfully pared with an inspiring and proud poem, using two contrasting emotions.

4 Emotions that captivate commercial video production:

  1. Happy
  2. Sad
  3. Afraid / surprised
  4. Angry / disgusted

This branded content connects with Dodge’s target audience: the everyday farmer.  As a farm girl myself, I know farmers are either devoted lifelong Ford or Dodge customers.  My uncle is Ford, and my grandpa is adamantly Dodge.  It would take a powerful campaign to get either to switch.  This commercial has the impact to at least make them think twice.  I can see my family in each and every photo used in this ad.  Real situations, and real people hard at work in their everyday lives.  Dodge understands their struggle in a thoughtful way.  Go Dodge!

Color Correction: the red headed step-child.

Color corrections are the undervalued step-child of successful video production.  The subtle nuances of good editing and color go unnoticed.  A brilliant colorist is a finely tuned skill, a separate piece to the video production puzzle, especially if you want to create award winning branded content like Dodge and the Farmer.