A sensitive video editor makes all of the difference in Brands of Santa.  Sure, capturing the footage is critical, but what you do with the footage afterward matters even more.  It’s an instinctual talent as well as a learned one.  You’ve either “got it” or “you don’t.”  We’re frequently given projects from other video production companies to fix and re-edit…and we’ve been given some doozies.  A sensitive editor can make miracles happen. This award winning commercial video, “Brands of Santa” is the perfect example of the magic a skilled editor can bring to the table.  Other than the time-lapse of Santa putting on his suit, the rest of the footage is well lit and in-focus, but nothing that knocks your socks off.  It’s the creative editing that sparkles.  Of course, it’s also the mix of angles; close-ups, wide shots that the editor has to work with.  A job well done, Ryan J. Hunt at www.schoolediting.com. Don’t underestimate the time involved in a commercial edit.  A 2 minute video can take up to 140 hours to perfect in the editing suite.   There are a plethora of pieces to the perfectly executed award winning video: script, audio, effects, titles, color, music, sound mixing, graphics, etc.  In Brands of Santa, the sound effects and timing are mesmerizing.  The environmental noise of the pencil scratching on the paper, the  paint brush clanging against the glass jar, and the paper tearing familiarize us with the artist’s daily routine.

Please, Commercial Video Production World…No more crappy videos!

Anticipate your editing.  Great footage may be unusable if it isn’t shot with the editing in mind.  An outline and storyboard are not extraneous wastes of money.  The more prep you put into your video production, the more successful your ROI will be.  What’s the point of making a video, if no one wants to watch?  Creating sales leads, or stirring up google traffic – whatever your end game is…put a bit of heart into it, will ya.  And marketing departments: spend a little more on the prep so your video production team can work efficiently.

Let’s watch a master at his craft..