Creating a cohesive video marketing strategy is the best bang for your buck.  Start-up companies frequently focus on building the biggest + best businesses, then serve it up on a paper plate.  Where’s the gold platter?

However your business came to be, you realize that it should have been built with a business plan first.  Your video marketing is no different.  Before you start creating videos willy nilly, let’s set up a template.

Your goal is to have a viewer watch your video and recognize where it came from, who made it, or “who is talking.”  Ideally, you have created a marketing position that differentiates you from your competitors.  (Most small businesses skip this step.)  To carry this “position” over to video, you’ll want to create a visual metaphor that continues your theme.

For example, Coke’s strategic marketing position (differentiator) is “Happiness.”  Visually they use smiles and sunlight to unify every video they create.  Then they make sure their titles are always consistent.

What is the cheapest solution to brand my video marketing?

Computer generated “CG” motion graphic titles.

What are CG motion graphics?

Motion graphics are the way your titling, or words, appear on the screen.  The direction they enter the frame, and exit the frame (we call these keyframes.)  How long the words stay on the screen and what font you use too.  Here’s a sample of motion graphics used for titling.

How much does a motion graphics template cost?

Motion graphics, creative direction and design


Creative motion graphics development — five days

Development of no more than two directions of on-screen graphics templates for three general categories of videos: informational, testimonial and promotional. Executions presented will include: opening and closing graphics, on-screen quotes, text blocks, and infographics.  Delivery will be in the form of keyframes   Fee for creative development: $7,500


Creative refinement — four days

Refinement of production of final template elements for motion graphics. Production supervision of video editor/graphics artist.  Delivery will be in the form of keyframes and basic animation (if needed).   Fee for refinement: $6000

If you your budget is limited, get on and hire a designer to create a consistent idea for your titles, one that doesn’t move.