Video production is a larger industry than you think–and not without good reason. Video is the single most engaging form of media for viewers, potential buyers, and repeat customers. Period. It’s the best way to connect with people when you want to. What’s more, at Maxime, we cover all the bases: photo, video, pre-production, and post-production.    

Clutch, the B2B ratings and review agency, compiles client testimony, case studies, and objective quantitative information to gain market insights on thousands of companies across the globe. Based in Washington, D.C., Clutch makes transactions more efficient and transparent through the power of information.

Recently, Clutch and their sister site, The Manifest, recognized Maxime among the top video production companies in Miami! While we are honored to earn this distinction, we also understand that our clients drive our success. Their candid and congratulatory testimony to Clutch analysts provided a sturdy base with which to reach incredible heights.  

Tommy Babil, business developer at Dirt Geek Media, appreciated the personal style and professionalism of Maxime. “They were personal. Even though this was our project, they treated it as their own. They took its mission to heart and worked as if it were for themselves, which is typically not the case.” 

Chris Charlton, Business Development Director at Collins Bus, shared similar sentiments with the top-notch Clutch analysts. “I loved their personal touch and the story they built behind it. We’re showing a plant and welding, but the video and the voiceover together create the story that brings tears to your eyes.”

Founded in 2013, we have revitalized Miami video production with new energy and innovation. Our work speaks for itself, and our clients enjoy our expectation-exceeding culture. We’re mad passionate about video production–and it shows! Now with additional ratings and reviews from Clutch, we can only further refine our approach.