Are you looking for an example of a great corporate video?

Here at Maxime Photo and Video, we’re always looking for the best examples of corporate videos.

One of the best examples we’ve seen is our own sophisticated little beauty created for Curaleaf.  The Miami based medical cannabis company hired us to create a “walk through” concept to explain their cultivation process.

So what makes this a great video?


Every concept starts from an inspiration.  What’s one of the most memorable walks you’ve ever seen?  John Travolta strutting down the side walk to the BeeGee’s Staying Alive!

Our team worked with Curaleaf to sketch out ideas for a great video that showcases their unique cultivation process.


We wanted to come up with the best walk through video for a business out there.

Our gifted art director, Grant – this was his brainchild – had the idea to rotate the camera angles around the dial of a clock.  The camera angle starts at 3:00 and moves to 9:00.  Allowing for less jarring transitions between “background” and “talent” changes.

To coordinate camera positions with the physical space and each location’s limitations was no easy feat.

Video Pre-Production

What else made this a great corporate video?  A metronome.  

During pre-production, Grant and I pre-determined the speed of our strut using a metronome and a selfie stick.  Testing different bpm’s, we elevated the energy of the piece organically.

While capturing each clip, the entire film crew AND the talking employee all walked (us, backward) at the same syncopated pace, 120 bpm.  

Clever Script Writing

Every part counts, and the clever script writing was no exception.

As a new employee enters the frame, he or she continues to explain the cultivation process where their previous associate left off.  “…and then…”   They finish the previous sentence and pass Adam’s energetically scripted baton off to the next person.

Digital Content Creation

Grant (our Art Director), Adam (our Writer), and myself are a powerful digital concept creation team.  Each of us brought an intriguing addition to our client’s needs

Our boots-on-the-ground production crew went the extra mile to capture beautifully composed frames, thanks to Gustavo (our DP), Tim (our Producer and Location Scout) and me, directing.

And then… we passed the baton to our Post Production team led by Ismael (our Editor), and our motion graphics artists to pull together the shots into a polished video.

And always bringing up the magnificent tail, Todd (our sound designer) adding the finishing touches with clear audio and great music.

So here’s the finished corporate video we produced for Curaleaf:

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