3D animation is a terrific solution to promote your products during these trying times.  Locations are not the easiest or most affordable to secure these days.  So, 3D animation is a sure fire way to dazzle and gain the attention of your social media audience.  

Our team uses 3D animation to promote your product.  Whether you need to highlight a differentiating feature, create a complete environment around your product, or if you have an idea that is still in the pre-sales phase, animation is the smart choice.


The ideas at our creative agency are what set us apart from other animation companies.  3D animated product videos are only limited by our imagination and skill level.  Trust me, we have no shortage of either at Maxime Photo and Video!  Working with us, you get Madison Avenue talent at a fraction of the cost.

With creative approaches to sell your product, we can make just about anything with little resources.   We begin by capturing footage of your product, using photos to create a 3D model. Then we build an environment that is compositionally interesting, add lighting, color and movement, all while ensuring the proportions are right.

Increase Product Sales with 3D Animation

We work together with you to help your idea blossom.  Not only do we listen, but we research your competition and online trends that will spark new sales for your product, immediately.  So, let’s get going on your 3D animated product video today.