We can do last minute live streaming event video production. Usually we have 5 weeks to prep coverage like this, but, we did it this week – so, we can do it for you.

In 72 hours, we pulled together a 5 camera set up, with 5 encoders and 5 separate data ports. That’s a tight crew!

Live streaming is a complicated mission. All of the pieces need to communicate with one another to form one system.

The Gig

This gig was a live Jujitsu tournament. There were 4 mats simultaneously having 185 fights over two days. Here’s the kicker: the end user (viewer) got to choose which camera (fight) they want to watch via an app on their cell phone.

We had to live stream each mat (camera) independently, so the person at home could choose which fight they wanted to watch. That ain’t easy to do with 72 hours notice.

The Crew

We had a crew of 10. There were 5 camera operators using Sony F7’s with zoom lenses. One camera operator used a crane to capture B-roll (the audience and judges). Allowing a director to override and choose this option on the “switcher” when there wasn’t anything interesting happening on a mat.

The Brain: the Flypack

We had a technical director, to handle the switcher’s technical challenges. We had a Tricast operator to work the software (instead of a Black Magic) and an audio operator with gear to navigate the ambient sounds and the announcers voice from the main plug-in. Then, there’s always production.

Data Ports

We chose to use 5 hard wired, dedicated data ports rented from the arena, rather than using PepWave or Dongal’s live streaming servers. With something so last minute, we wanted to alleviate as many technical challenges as possible.

Satellite Link Truck

If you need live streaming services, we can do it. We can bring a truck with a satellite link. Just tell us when and where!

Have an event you want us to live stream? Contact our team here.