A profile video can be one of the most effective storytelling techniques to connect to your customers.  Gone are the days when companies thump on their chest and say, “Look how big we are!”  A good profile video is humble.  It makes the customer want to like you, resonating with them on a personal level.

What is a Profile Video?

Sometimes it’s called a personal profile video.  It tells the story of a personal experience connected with the product or service.  Remember the last Olympics?  Their video production team showed short snippets of the athletes at home, interacting with their families.  That’s a profile video.  Or on SharkTank, when they show Lori Greiner or Mark Cuban profile’s on how they “made it” in the early days of their careers.  Even Dancing with the Stars has recently added profile videos to their episodes, sharing their celebrities lives behind the scenes.

How to make an engaging Profile Video?

One of the most important necessities is to have a director who can make the subject feel comfortable.  That means building trust.  You do that by helping the subject feel good about him/herself.  No-one wants to look the fool on video.  Give them ideas how to stand, what movements look good with their hands, and let them know when something can be done better – in a confident and helpful manner.  Loosen them up.  Make them feel like they are part of the video production team, not just a subject.

Do you need a Script?

Whether you call it a “script” or an “outline” – YES you do.  In order to tell the story in a concise and engaging edit, you should have a list of questions that evoke the “ideal soundbites.”  What points do you want to touch on?  In the Tesla video below, their bullet points are: affordability, value, reliability, and performance.  Ask questions in a way that will lead the subject to touch on the bullet points.