A Neanderthal Industry

As technology is reducing middlemen, I believe new vehicle dealers will be extinct soon.  

The specialty vehicle manufacturing industry spends less than 3.5% of its’ annual revenue on marketing.  Why so low?
    Municipalities are a big portion of market
    Marketing and advertising expenses are passed onto dealers
    Old school fraternal relationships

While industry dealers may be responsible for the majority of the marketing and advertising, leading specialty vehicle manufacturers are taking advantage of the golden opportunity in front of them.  #1 goal: create video content that captures views. Not only will a video create a high ranking website, but the specialty vehicle industry will have everything it needs to sell direct to consumers, build their target audience and support their dealers in the interim.  The video only needs to sell a fraction of one vehicle to pay for itself.

Creative storytelling. That’s where it’s at. REV Group trusted us (Maxime Photo and Video) to create a widget moving video for their bus and ambulance divisions.  Our videos have set the bar high. Forward thinking CEO’s have moved to professional video production. Sounds like common sense, right? Nope. Most of this neanderthal industry is still producing amateur flicks: recording an 8-12 minute promo video at a trade show or capturing 20 points of the factory production line – yawn. Do you send the marketing person out with a camera to record a testimonial video that’s supposed to work?  (I’m sooo tempted to insert 20 examples here.) Create a concept and create a script. Keep it short and keep it moving. As a video producer and a viewer, I need to be compelled. The content needs to be relatable.  Don’t stuff every selling feature in your video.  Like Gene Bonnano says, Just get views.

The purpose of this video was to grab $100 million of municipality funding that is flowing over the border, to purchase Canadian manufactured school buses.  This video was featured on Ads of the World.

Fire trucks, ambulances, buses, and RV’s, all of the midwest vehicle manufacturing factories – these are American topics that everyone can get behind. We all have a friend or family member who works in a factory or for the county, or used to.  Creating videos that speak to our families should be simple. I am passionate about this industry. I need them to succeed. My family lives in the Midwest, and our small town is disappearing. These factories are our anchors. This is all relatable potential for video production.

Marketing peeps, we’ve got our work cut out for us. We’re dragging the mountain to Mohammed. I’m confident we can make engaging corporate video productions together.  Adam, Grant and I are brimming with creative ideas for your next project. At Maxime’s, we’ve got innovative video marketing strategies in our brains that would knock the socks off of this industry and reach the end user, in one fell swoop.   We’ve got cohesive branding strategies for challenges, misadventures, action, profile videos, comedies and even an idea for a continuing series that connects 50% of the entire industry. We’re really passionate about this. We don’t just want to succeed, we want to win awards!  

Let’s make our marketing strategies connect with real viewers and move this specialty vehicle mountain.   We all know it’s gonna take more than 3.5%. Baby steps. I’d love to talk strategy with you.

Let’s kick some ass, Tracy.    305 300 5065

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P.S.  Stop flushing $8000 at a time.  Average industry video production is $8000.  Most of those viewers are employees and family.  I can see your analytics.

$8000 divided by 40 organic views = $200/view

As of today, the Collins video cost = $2/view.

Update:  As of August 10, 2018, the video cost $1.63/view