If you are looking to create outstanding video content, you will need a professional video company that can deliver the best results. This article will help you analyze and compare the Top 5 Video Editing Companies, so you can make an informed decision.

Bonomotion is one of the lead editing companies in Miami. They specialize in corporate projects, real estate, commercial and explainer videos. With professional equipment and cameras, they also film international superstars for music videos, and fashion shows.

Their other services include hair, makeup & wardrobe styling, professional photography, casting calls, studios and equipment rentals.

Maxime Photo and Video
When you need expert, professional video editing, look no further than Maxime Photo and Video. They’re your one-stop shop for top quality video production – at the best price.

The company has a talented team of video editors, scriptwriters, storyboard artists, cameramen, DP and Directors with high quality cameras producing top quality videos.
From corporate to branding to animation or video editing – their full-service production house will collaborate with you to develop and create savvy and strategic video content to suit all of your professional needs.

Reyfilm is a Miami-based video production company, which focuses in developing cinematic content for the web, social media and TV marketing campaigns. Their video editing services primarily encompass animation projects, corporate videos, crowdfunding videos, law firm videos, music videos and many others.

They have a specialized and talented team of directors, video editors, writers and other camera crew members. Some of their clients include – Miami Children’s Hospital, Carson Life, KiArtist, and Women Only Bootcamp.

Located in Miami, Chromahouse provides attention to detail, communication, and a placid approach to video production management. Whether it’s a brand film, corporate video, social ad, or commercial project, they can make it happen.

Moreover, they offer professional crew and equipment for projects coming in from out of town. In the field of corporate video production, the company conducts an average of 80 interviews a year for their corporate clients.

Levitate Video
With an amazing team of animators, filmmakers, and scriptwriters, Levitate has helped out over 1,500 companies with storytelling in the form of visual arts. They strive to offer video editing solutions for companies of all sizes and budgets.

They are one of the few video production companies to offer a Free Blueprint, which allows them to start your production before you’ve made a commitment.