Maximize your marketing dollars with Maxime’s.

It’s official. Maxime Photo and Video expands its video production company to Kansas City. Bringing with it a top team of artistic writers, art directors and producers to collaborate with KC’s finest videographers.

We’re excited to work with both small and big businesses, and bring a fresh face to digital marketing. We’re not fancy – we’re nice (and a tad quirky.) We’re very good at what we do, but nice comes first.

Our strengths lie in corporate storytelling, video concept development, animation, and video editing. If you tell us your end goal, we can help you figure out how to get you there. Our portfolio speaks for itself. See samples of our work.

We’ve created digital marketing strategies for billion dollar companies and we’ve created effective video ads for the fearless lone guy working from his couch. (Hi Chris. Hi Ryan.)

Are you a small business without a marketing department? That’s what we’re here for. We’re more than a photo and video production company, we have the mad skills of a Madison Avenue ad agency – at a fraction of the price.

I’m a big people person and have produced some complicated productions. My favorite marketing director, Michelle T., says that’s what we are best at.

A flawlessly produced video is easy for us…the exciting part is watching the analytics afterwards to see just how right we were.

My family has been farming in north central Missouri since 1850. I’m tickled to death to be back near family. In particular, I’m excited to celebrate all that the Missouri locations have to offer.

I’m reminded that they don’t call it the Show Me state for nothing. My best attributes come from growing up in Missouri, but it’s the rest of the world that taught me humility. I’m hoping to celebrate Kansas City’s beautiful vulnerabilities in our storytelling.

We really want a nod / recognition from the lofty “Clio” awards (advertising ad awards). We came really close recently. Let’s make it a Kansas City company that takes us BOTH there.