A narrative corporate video denotes a higher quality video that tells a story, usually focusing on a more personal aspect.  Without a social cause, customers want to know more info about a company – behind the scenes these days.  A reason to connect AND like the business they are supporting.

Narrative corporate video is a broad term that includes profile videos or promo videos.  These videos give a more in depth look at a company.  They can up-sell a special feature, introduce a product or company, or announce quarterly sales reports.  As cable tv audiences diminish, definitions in the video production world have wider gray areas.

Like any film, a narrative corporate movie needs to finesse storytelling, camera work, premium lighting and locations.

A Narrative Corporate Video Sample.

It’s an oldie, but still one of my favorite company stories told with brilliant cinematography and vibrant locations.

How do I find the right corporate video production company for me?

When I wanted to add new people to our team, I knew I could find many skilled videographers and directors.  I called the video equipment rental houses and asked them, “Who has a nice vibe on set?”  One grumpy apple can spoil a set, then everything falls apart like dominoes, and your end result suffers.

Hire the company that makes you feel confident and comfortable.  Read their Google and Yelp reviews.  Look at their portfolio, and ask them questions.  How they answer and how they listen will tell you everything you need to know.  Of course, it usually comes down to money and estimates.

Why choose Maxime Photo and Video?

Maxime Photo and Video listens AND we are great storytellers.  Our director of photographers, Alex, Renato and Gustavo, are the top camera operators in town with smooth skills and top of the line equipment.  Our art director, Grant, is the true genius behind the scenes, and then sprinkle our sparkling director on set, Tracy, and she can coax a song out of the most terrified subject.

Check out our Portfolio and then reach out to us to find out how we can help you.