Behind a savvy video marketing and production / content creator is a woman led team, at Maxime Photo and Video.

Tracy and her team surpass clients’ expectations, set new standards for future works, and establish more affordable methods of video marketing. Their work remains outside the capabilities of competitors for the value you will spend at Maxime’s.

Here are few highlights from our conversation with Tracy.

What’s your favorite part about working with Maxime’s?

“It’s either the diversity of the jobs that roll in, or directing behind the camera. The variety of marketing clients never gets boring. One job we are crash testing an ambulance, and the next we are searching for a novel way to birth testimonial vids.”

“I get great satisfaction helping someone feel confident in front of the camera. I find that direct, honest answers help in situations like that. We all know that we don’t look our best in every situation, but let’s try a few different approaches and I’ll tell you what works and how we might do things better.”

What is the most difficult part of your job?

“That’s an easy one. Wrangling myself. I’m too generous. As a giver and a perfectionist, clients always get the better end of the stick. My entire team goes the extra mile. We don’t want to produce anything that’s not the best it can be. I know it’d be more profitable, but I can’t do it.”

Do you have a favorite video gig you’ve created?

“That’s ironic, because it was a walk through video. Usually those things are a snooze fest. Our walk through video was choreographed. The entire team walked in step to a metronome.”

“We are incapable of creating anything boring. One of our strongest skills is coming up with the video concept. Maxime’s has a genius art director, named Grant. He and I do a lot of thinking before we come up with a video idea we think will have legs.”

Has there been an intimate moment you’d like to share?

“I was shooting in an attic once, recording an interview. I asked the woman to sing me a song that she was thinking about. It was so intimate, raw. I never forgot how much she must have trusted me to sing this church hymn with a camera lens two feet from her nose.”

How did you put your production team together?

“It started with a Craigslist ad. Alex Mandiola answered my request for a camera guy and a drone operator. I drive a ’65 Mustang and he was too “stranger danger” concerned to ride in the car with me. We laugh about it now. Alex has grown into the most sought after young DP in Miami.”

“He and I started shooting some promotional videos for another photography business I had going. The video marketing biz blossomed from there. The promo vids we made didn’t create sales for my photo biz, but rather companies started asking us to create corporate videos for themselves.”

“Back in the day, I worked at equipment rental studios, as my side hustle. When I was looking for the other DP’s, it was a no brainer for me to ask the video equipment shops in town two things. Who is nice? And who is the best? That’s how I found Gustavo and Renato. Unfortunately there aren’t a lot of female DP’s in the industry. I’m always on the lookout for talented women.”

“What I’ve discovered, is that our team loves the camaraderie. As independent contractors, it can be lonely. At Maxime’s, I’ve assembled a family. We all care for one another. There’s a lot of trust and love there.”

Reach out to Tracy and the gang today to find out what we can do for you!