You’re spending a lot of time organizing the perfect corporate event in Miami, don’t you think your photo and video should reflect all of the excitement?

We shot the annual sales and marketing meeting for Adidas this year.  This lively shot list is from them: the cutting edge of cool (plus a few of my own secrets.)  These tips will make your pics look like the coolest, hippest conference in the land – a fun vacation with work friends.  Give this list to your photo and video production team in Miami that will put more buns in the chairs next year.

The coolest place for corporate events in Miami – WYNWOOD.

It’s not on the photography and video check list, but it’s the first thing we tend to for our own video productions.  Sure those big hotels are convenient and well known, but Wynwood is the hot spot in Miami.  It’s home to the Miami art gallery scene (like South Beach used to be in the 90’s.)

Heads up out-of-towners:  South Beach ain’t cool no more!  Wynwood has trendy local shops, restaurants, food trucks and contemporary art – all within walking distance.  It has random graffiti walls and mural painted sidewalks.  There are several work spaces that cater to corporate events and meetings.  Adidas hosted their 2018 annual marketing and sales meeting here for 350 people.  They rented 5 separate venues – all within walking distance.   (The addresses are listed at the bottom of this post.)  The graffiti backdrops are all of the rage on stock image sites.  Your photos and video will have twice as much appeal with these backdrops, thus your company will look youthful, trendy, and fun.  You can use the extra footage for B roll in your next corporate video production.

Photography and Video Shot List:  Corporate Event

Shallow depth of field.

That’s tech talk for not having everything in focus.  Shoot “through” the people.  Adidas likes their event pics to have things in the foreground and fuzzy.  It could be a plant or a person on the edge of the foreground that is out of focus – it draws your eye to the subject.  Better yet, it’s interesting.  For the cocktail parties, use a long lens and capture guests relaxed – without a close up camera in their personal space.

Document photo-journalistically.

Gone are the days of the stifling “grip and grins:”  Show people having fun.  Smiles!  If there are games, show that.  Adidas doesn’t even mind them drinking alcoholic beverages in their shots.  If my friends were going to a meeting in Miami, you betcha they are looking forward to a cocktail party.

Head shots.

Ask your photo and video team to put up a backdrop and take fresh corporate headshots, while you have everyone in one spot.  With more and more people working from home, it’s nice to update your About Us page.  Don’t forget to include a sample image if you want them to match other pictures already on your website.

Show off the pool or ocean backdrop.

There is nothing more appealing than our afternoon skies, blue waters and sunsets.  The magic hour goes fast, so make the best use of that light and time of day when you schedule your event.

Capture the mood of the space.

Capture the excitement of the crowd interacting in the space.

Shoot the design details of the space also with a more shallow depth of field.

Shoot some dirty frames to make it feel real – shoot through landscaping and lighting for interest.

Keep it natural (don’t look for posed shots.)

Focus on people that look the most hip.

Use young background music.


The Space – Buildings

More architectural

Capture graphic design language

Find shooting angles to enhance interest in design

Utilize shallow depth of fields to enhance interest in design (both graphic design, and space design)

Keep it fun

Of course, we hope you’ll reach out to us to document your event.


Wynwood Corporate Event and Meeting Venues / Addresses:

Ice Palace   59 NW 14th St

The Lab  400 NW 26th St

255 Studios    255 NW 25th St, Miami FL 33127

2328 NE Miami Ave (Warehouse property for lease)

55 NE 24th St. (Warehouse property for lease)

2600 5th Avenue (Warehouse property for lease)